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Ty Walker - Rise Or Fall lyrics

[Intro: Ty Walker]
I used to make promises I couldn't keep
Everybody I broke promises to weeped
I'm an angel
Your a demon
Im'a rise
You gonna fall
Go to hell
The devil's the only one that will hear you yell

[Verse: Ty Walker]
Like I said
Your a demon
Send you down
I'm a king
I wear the crown
At the end of the round
Finish up take a bow
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But you just took a beating
You wanna run away
Your souls the only thing leaving
Your heart was never truly beating
I can do this when I'm sleeping
My mistake I am first
But I was right you are the worst
You are a demon
You are cursed
But first
Let me apologies
I don't wanna be the last person in your eyes
But I'm lucky I'm in your face
One punch from me will send you into space
Yeah I'm an ace
Your a waste of space
And time I'm rich in many ways
I still wouldn't spare you a dime

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