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Ty Walker - Monster lyrics

[Verse 1: Ty Walker]
I got up from the bottom straight to the top
No one helped me I'm the one they tried to stop
I got here myself
I ain't worried bout my health
I'm healthy
I'm wealthy
Broke in took the cash didn't notice
I'm stealthy
Put a bullet between your eyes
Take your head off your shoulders
This burden is heavier than boulders
Guilt tripping me up
Every step I take
But when my album drop
It'll make an earthquake
You deny it but I swear I told you
It was a while ago the old you
You were my slave but then I sold you
Like paper it was easy to fold you
It only takes one hand to hold you
At the end of the round finish up take a bow
But you just took a beating
You wanna run away your souls the only thing leaving
Your heart was never truly beating
I can do this when I'm sleeping
I don't wanna win the game
I wanna change it
You tell em I'm the king
Bet you they believe it

[Verse 2: Ty Walker]
I'm the king
Not a god yet
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Ima reach the top you bet
Still climbing but not first
You are the worst
Your a demon
Your cursed
We shoot to k**
Don't aim to stun
It's for the thrill
Don't k** for fun
Come closer if you want some

[Verse 3: Ty Walker]
If its a battle
I'm in it I win it
Win everything
Microphone testing testing 123
How many seconds before you start choking
We can tell you just hit puberty cuz your voice is croaking
Your coughing but not smoking
All you say you must be choking
If you think my music is crap
Just listen to my mother f**ing new tracks
b**h you better be ready for a comeback
I'm coming In
I'm coming through your doors
I'm coming for you
And taking what's yours

[Outro: Ty Walker]
One day I thought it's my time
So from the bottom I climbed
The old me is gone
I'm the new one
I'm gonna drop my album like a bomb

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