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Ty Walker - Blowing Up lyrics

[Verse 1: Ty Walker]
Focused on ruling ever since my birth
Spaceman I'm floating around the universe
I won you lost
Win everything I'm I'm in come first yeah first
f** you say
I run the world like it's my kingdom
Hand me the axe and I'll cut it off
I got your gun now f**ing stop
If you say no you'll hear it cock
Came from the bottom and had to grind for it
People that tested me where are they now b**h
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[Verse 2: Ty Walker]
I'm coming in
Nobody on top of me
I'm taking it all
Go on try an stop me
Handle my words I do it properly
Don't try and copy me nobody topping me
Building myself up here for the fortune
I'll never lose this
Whenever arrested get off with no caution
I always win it and I'll never lose it
I'm the dark knight and still the brightest

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