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Twin Peaks - Good Lovin' lyrics

Run out by mama, and every girl just gives me drama
All my friends are looking older, but you still look the same
And I'm standing by the corner; I see you walking on by
Asking if I'm doing fine, like you're some friend of mine
Oh, you must have lost track of time
And yes I got your letter
I didn't think they wrote those anymore
And no, I ain't feeling much better, but I ain't still feeling so sore
Nobody told me, that being lonely, was what good lovin' could do
I'll be your brother, I'll be your sister
I'll show you everything new
I'll show you everything new
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It's raining in Chicago
The rain drops on my window
It's been a while since we've spoken
I guess my doorbell must be broken
And I'm spending all my money
I've got to get some luck on my side
Driving in the rain, early in the morning, with the sun rising up in the sky
You ain't from 'round here
Why'd you come down here?
Must be a long way from home
Forget the distance
It don't mean nothing
You're calling me from the phone
You only call when I'm gone

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