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Turkish Power - Your Country Is Dust (Volume 2) lyrics

(Verse 1: DizzyDDizzy)
It's the return of Dizzy, bout to go grizly on Pakyed
You know I am f**ing awesome, and he ain't
I go hard in the paint, play pac man, f** Pakyed
Plant my foot up Pakyed's a** and wear him as a platform shoe
Waka Flocka walk yo a** over here Pakyed
Hit you with a mac in the back I attack faggots like you
Jimmy with me here spraying the truth from an AA-12
Loaded shells with words, snipe Pak's ears with em
I go absurd when I rhyme like this, f** Pakyed, he die like this
Always spamming the chats, f** that, play a game and die
This n***a wants fame I like 'who the f** is he?'
But he always keep claiming to be cool
f** that go f** a goat you goat f**ing faggot
Word to ChildishAlbino, since gambino is a faggot
Pakyed stop the trash talk, yea man bag it
Alright alright, layed down the verbal ma**acre
Now it's the homie Jimmy's turn

(Verse 2: Turkish Power)

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Leave the attitude or i ain't yet winning
In perfect shape play the beat b**hes
No space for you corny dickheads
Uh im aking zero chane on it
Just for fun but still charlie sheen on it
Wow tell em fans iam controlling
Nah f** what yall think but i just care on it
Im tryin but i can't carry on it
Im not bullsh**in im like hova on mic
f** mic too i am real, 4 lfie for it
I am on ferrari? i can't even dream of it
Back to reality still no best verse no hit
But i ain't getting f**ed , thats just how i react
n***a f** pakyed tthats just how we do on it
Whats a beef im just k**in w no regrets
Stop playing if you wanna k** me , i doubt it
Act like you are ubisoft but u are jsut soft on it
No bullsh**

(Verse 3: TeamJimmy)

(His verse is unfinished, wait a bit)

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