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Turkish Power - Nothing Can Be Same lyrics

I am writing this on my pinkbook
Which is a d**hnote when i am mad
Id rather love than hate but
You just shouldn't have done that
Nobody attitude is worse than nwa's shout out to bro
But f** em i just dont like him
Just like i dont like this new kids
Yes i thought it was socks
But the fact is you s** dicks
My favourite rapper wears white sox cap
I made uncledb shut up back then
Thank god he is a man now
I wish y'all could grow up too man
Nietsche mod off: god is reborned
Use me for jokes so dont get bored
I wish i coul just stay low key
I still can't believe you didn't let me hear that
It is private and i tried to respect
But you are such a b**h

I know im sensitive too but couldn't you
Just handle that
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I just take sh** serious wheni put a work on it
I run the rapgenius for a whole summer
I really dont know why you guys want to hold me down
You know there are lot of more hing i can say
And you should have know that better: nothing can be same
There was still somet hingd we felt but couldn't tell
I wish i could left rapgenius after that but im more than a fan
I dont even smoke anymore rapgenius is too fine
I know im gon miss the day like ''we made it''
And i really dont give a f** if you double double me on albums
I just can't stand like a watcher
If im gon watch I'd rather being the referee
You'll probably never gon' understand me:
Like im token and you are stan
But please be looking for another friend
And dont say to me ever again
I love westcoast and i love game
But why you guys act like love has to make sense
It isnt simple like a tank game
Can't f** my feelings i f**ing have them
And you all can just hate on me
But i just wanted to hear that poor guy with rich decisions
Pek-pak just take the L and dont be sad about it man

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