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Turbo Fruits - Friends lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a problem that I can't deal with
All I want to do is take a sip
I need a [?] to keep me going
All my friends, they don't know that

I can't, can't eat on an empty stomach
I'll keep on going until they pumping
I'm sorry friends I didn't mean to
Take it back, I don't need you

I've got a problem that I don't like
I need my friends to help me fight
Please don't tell me to do it then
I could use your help a bit

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[Verse 2]
Every time I dream in my sleep
I get the dream but I am so clean
Then I wake up in the morning
And I realize the dream is [?]

And I can't, can't remember what I'm thinking
I try my mind and it is sinking
To the bottom of the goddamn ocean
Please my friends, lend me an emotion


[Outro] [2x]
I'm so full of this empty feeling
Everyday I sit there grieving
And my hate, yet no reason
Every season feels like the rapture

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