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TunK - Homies lyrics

[Verse 1: Professor Swoop]
Bucknitty, but I'm part of Wotm
Slappin' all these hoes on they bottom
Unfortunetly I was forced to withdraw
I mean eff my future I'm gonna miss y'all
Dang boys been a crazy fall
When we together the spankin' hoes crawl
Man praise God for Snapchat
Help me keep a Walrus throwback
Baked beans A-O-M-B
I'm setting my boys free
Careful they frisky
But no risky means no bisky
They rhymes racin' grand prix
Can't nobody stop me
Hand it over to my homies

[Verse 2: CheildZPlay]
W-O-T-M bangin' with the Bucknitty Style
2 crews together yeah you know its been awhile
Break a straight-face and I'm all smiles
Yeah that's just CheildZ uh
Runnin' game on crews like miles on miles
Every rap battle win they calling mistrials
They just in denial
Sleepin' with the fish yeah in da Nile
1 Walrus in and its a dog pile
Yeah and its heavy
Feel it weighing' down, yeah, on the Box Chevy
Startin' to get messy, splitting domes and spillin confetti
White boy style you can call me the yeti
Sittin in the jetty
G5 boys getting nervous mom's spaghetti
Thinking they own me, when they owe me
They crew they tryna show me
Back, yeah, they tryna hold me
So I bust out with the Homies

[Verse 3: Yung Ca$h]
All this green is accumulating
While all these scrubs, man they keep on hatin'
W-O-T-M and Bucknitty
The flow is clean, the rhymes are filthy
We all in Texas but we worldwide
All the haters, man we brush them aside
We walk in the room and we gettin' applause
Nicki heard the cover and she dropped her drawers
I ate her cookies, call me Santa Clause
All the other rappers they're what was
Cuz we what is and we currently
The best crew in the game certainly
My expertise is getting' the cheese
Your girl is my main squeeze
The crew is getting big call it obese
Its just me and the homies

[Verse 3: TBone Shredder]
T Bone, T Bone
He's somewhere in your home
Don't bother to grab the phone
He will never leave you alone
Part of Walrus of the Marshes
Talk to him you better be cautious
His rhymes are straight up flawless
TBone leave your ladies bra-less
We're merging with Bucknitty
Bout to take over your city
Not just one but a whole committee
All other rappers we send you pity
Every day we make new enemies
But in truth they just don't know me
We're the real deal you're the phony
We'll hack you like you're SONY
Bow down on yo knees
And worship the homies

[Verse 4: Spilly Cee]
Oh sh**, yeah its Spill
Chillin' With my Homies and we shoot to k**
Shoot to thrill, Let there be rock
When they see us coming all the ladies flock
We in the D-Town or the LBK
But wherever we are know that we don't play
k**in' Competition throw up my X
A fool if you don't think we're what's next
I'm k**in' this rhyme
I'm k**in' this beat
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All these rappers bow down at my feet
Want to bring style thats kind of unique
But thats hard to do on your very first beat
I used to be a rocker and I hated rap
Started hanging with Bucknitty and I changed all that
Don't like our style than I know you're a phony
Imma do me and k** this flow with my homies

[Verse 5: Tterbo]
So I just.. speak into the mic?... Okay
No I'm not the rapping type
But if you give me a chance I'll lay some hype
I'm pretty new to this whole rap crew so hold on a sec and watch me wreck
This simple beat, turn up the heat
I'm here with my crew
Flowin' better than you
Spittin' onto this track
Like a llama on crack
Its me and my boys, my boys and I
Homies together we do or die
And if you can't make due than I guess you'll owe me
BUcknitty, the Walrus forever Homies

[Verse 6: Notorious F.A.G.]
Hard core side eye jumping in
These glares can burn through human skin
They all thought I was harmless cuz I got a baby face
Now they jealous of my style and my impeccable taste
This F-A-G is notorious
Did you not read the syllabus
I'm schooling' fools on the city bus
In Midland where they're vacuous
English, Spanish no importa
Esta Leccion Sera Corta
Un, Dos, Tres, Cuatro
My language sk**s so hot yo
Got the wanderlust and I'm roaming
But I always come back to my homies

[Verse 7: Da Koga]
Koga on that track and damn I'm looking' good
People bow down when I walk into their hood
I'm the sammy god yeah you heard that right
I'm making them sandwiches all day and night
When it turns 12 I clock out the club
Meet up with my homies so we can grab some grub
Whataburger, Lone Wolf, or Taco Bell
Our options at this time are limited as hell
Settle for some burgers and HBCB's
Gotta get back so we can watch some TV
Shoutout to Leslie Knope for doin' her thang
She and Ann Perkins always keep us entertained
This rap is TB as Adam would say
But its time for me to walk away
Gonna pa** the mic for the rest of the beat
So treat yourself to the other homies

[Verse 8: Tunk]
Hi, Hello, My name's Tunk
And here's the verse that you've been waiting on
I'm tall and goofy and hi on life, so you can call me Dankey Kong
All my homies just paved the way for me to come and show you up
So if you stop listening your loss
Do you real think a give a.... What?!
Without us leading the way
You're as good to me as lost in the dark
But here we are trending worldwide, At number 2 below #LEFTSHARK
I'm rapping my way into history
And I'm quittin' my day job
Makin' millions going places, push to start no key fob
Bucknitty W-O-T-M that's who we are through and through
You've got to have donkey brains to want to mess with me and my crew
Rap Gods have to start somewhere so here I am putting up my fight
You think you're so superman, I'm going to lay you in the crypt tonight
Thinking you compare to us, is like trying to catch up to The Flash
Hope you took some good notes from J. Fletch.. I mean Yung Ca$h
Giving you a workout, making you run laps in your asics
Generic term is trainers because you're all about that basic
We transcended time, its too late for you to pledge in
Sorry kid but this Hunter has already become legend
If you don't get it by now, then there's nothing more I can do for you
Except sit back and babysit while you blabber on with your goo goo
We're spread out but all in Texas, in the best state blessed by God
Your girl looks a bit lonely, can I take her out, you know study a broad
You tried your best it was alright, but to put it simply we're just better
Here I'll do you a favor, here's a hand written recommendation letter
Didn't know what to put for your name, so I penciled in Jabroni
If you look at the bottom its signed and dated sincerely yours, The Homies

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