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Tunde Olaniran - The Raven lyrics

Give me any test
I can make the grade
Check the interior
I'm better made
Used to be a boy
I'd rather be a mage
Possession is a ritual
The raven's out the cage

Came unraveled in the 8th grade
Not quite prepared for the alchemy
Couldn't fit the modality
So I flew over the palisade
Now I roll with witches in Williamsburg
Boleros and blazers
Broom is a vintage cinelli
Sidewalk for haters
But they love me they fall like a season
Love how it smell when they breathe in
Converting theists now they
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Go hard like thanksgiving for vegans

You had enough
You learn to grow
No tongues to bite
No hands to hold
Incant, this witch can
Cast spells
Deep like quicksand
Shots licked, he crack whips
You talk slick, no 3rd chance
This bold brown boy might wish
Chance and luck he might fight with
Ancient walls that his mind built
Climb it to see where his height get

They come to test my interior
As if the sun wasn't near enough
The Raven must be in my blood
So I learned to make magic

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