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Tunde Olaniran - Let Me Go lyrics

“You'll never see me again”
Like Quentin Tarantino, I'll start at the end
Of everything and anything you told me
Can't believe I believed ‘em again
But I've done a bit of growing up since you left
And though it took me a second to realize
Even though you got a lot
You didn't get my best

Once upon a time, I was yours, you were mine
And you had me hook, line, and sinker
Let me go
Let me go
But once upon a time
I was dumb and you were blind
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Now unravel me from your finger
Let me go
Let me go

Bang, boom, the body in the room
Middle of the floor, dying from an open wound
Hard to see at first, but then the camera zooms
Close up on my heart
More than once broken apart
I'm dead the bullet in my head
Shot from your gun
Let me taste the lead
The way you misled me
Poison you fed me
Only strengthened me


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