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Tumi and The Volume - What It's All About lyrics


Ask your mamma what it's all about
Don't look at me, I'm just a rapper - nothing more than that
"Then what you doing with a mic in your hand?
You gotta make use of the music - you a puppet or man?"

Ask your teacher what it's all about
Don't look at me, I'm just emceeing, nothing more than that
"Then what you on the podium selling people
Phony-a** sh**, like a zodiac shrink?"

I gotta use words strong for you
I got a two verse song for you
But you don't want to

You want a groove that'll offer you
A chance to do your moves
Not your only shoes, let's go

[Verse 1: Tumi]

Now when the opportune appears, once in a lunar year
It's too severe for you to hear the truth is here
The Tumi version, Volume's the word, move suburban crews
No use to burn them, rather use their verbal attributes
To learn them, like the school's a**erted
The students learn, but the rumor surfaced
That the universes only school the fervent with the hugest purses
I do the work, and k** the bills too, like Uma Thurman
Give me loot, convert it into soup I eat if you prefer it
From all the shoot and murder, blacker blacker, who deserve a
Proper shot of food preserver like a barbecue and burger
Word up, the purpose served, work the nerve
Of a CEO interpreter who's sitting on the verge of what
Only he knows the worth because CDs afford him earnings
So he bleeds me to the vertibrae
I heard 'em say, that the word I spray
Get 'em nervous, dazed, confused
They say I'm rude, I want to get paid - F you!
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So go 'head...


[Verse 2: Tumi]

After the show, there's always a couple that wanna know
How you mapping your flow, and where you wanna go
And six years after, what's your vision for Africa?
Man, I'm just a rapper, give me a break - stop that
When you at a stop light, see your favorite rock star
He don't got the answers to your love life, stop that
You better off calling your moms, or strolling along
Trying to work it out, you could only grow strong
It's the 21st Century, everywhere celebrities
Billboards are the only books we ever read
Your mamma knows better than me, I just happen to be
One of three million rappers playing their part in this piece
Raise my fees, I ain't waste my speech
My people keep battling hunger and HIV
You need a pharmacist, not some conscious sh**
Turn the music down, talk to your pops a bit


[Outro: Tumi]

Ayo, think about those kids in the street
With no bedding or sheets, the cold gets to their feet
Their toes, they get to freeze
But most definitely, my flows stretching the beat
Ayo, listen to me, I wrote lessons to teach

The person that I am is far deeper than my name
I got the blood of kings and pharoahes seeping through my vein
A generation of a people surviving
The worst situations like "We can define pain"

I'm not a biter, I'm a writer for myself and others
I say a Zubz rhyme, I'm only bigging up my brother
Bigging up my culture, and it goes much further than...

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