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Tumi and The Volume - Floor lyrics

[Verse 1: Tumi]

Yo, sound in shades and crowds of a clouded base
Kicked up the brakes, the shroud rain down on ache
The showers came, drains flood out the mains
It's dark grey, your brain can't box with me
It's crunk insane, bumping like a township craze
Not drunk, refrain, loving how the sound awakes
The god in me, from king to a humble flea
The bumble bee that sings on a Paolo beat
Excuse me, I ain't even introduce myself
My name is Tumi; get to moving and amuse yourself
The rules are set, comply and get your noodle wet
Confuse the rest, this rap sh** is cool as d**h
But I'm from Africa, raps been a-round
Since language was not, even a blot of ink
On flattened papyrus tops, and all just clapping
With fires crackling, dance, on the gra**
Spinning back and laughing entranced
Out of space like a bachelor pad
I tackle the pad, my stroke evoke a Dracula rap
That's habit I gathered and figure
I've had it with rappers, you know?

Get yourself up out the floor (get up)
Make way for a brand new you
Reset, reflect on the bad you do
(Go people) It's The Volume, dude

Get your head up out the clouds (get up)
Get down make use of the sound
Pulsate, don't wait. It's the boost in your arm
(Go people) Dopest music around
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[Verse 2: Tumi]

Raw performance, don't applaud
Get your Niell Armstrong on, but that's your loss
When you're lost in clouds like a floating astronaut
I once was caught, trying to be the illest on raps of all
Treat it like I need it we believe in a higher force
Like there's a hidden to all the tired songs
Dance, prance, bodies and dialogues
Same language as what the ballas done pa**ed off
So shake what your mama gave
Your daddy in lover's lane
And pray for another day
To save your current shame
It plays around again from days to months to years
From years to days to decades, it's just a blaze
Let's start over afresh like October the first
Right now boxes open, don't stress
Closet fossils out there, show no regrets
I know that most will neglect
The horror close to their chest
But stuff it, I get above it
And while we on the subject:
I could use a diet, I tried not eating nuggets
And running, huffing and puffing
I got it confronted, besides
Biggie's not around to make it look something
You Know?


Get up, now go raise it up
My people, change it up
(Repeat x5)

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