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Tumi and The Volume - Bus Stop Confessions lyrics


I get over the high
Time to focus and open your eye-eye-eyes
Time keep rolling on by
Can't keep spoke in your moment's surprise

[Verse 1: Tumi]
Bus stop confession, lady with the black suit
And the new shoes on, better move on
I'm saying, her perfume's strong
But I must stop stressing, maybe it's another dude
That has got drawn to his futon
Spend a night, and now you're proved wrong
It ain't a new song, it's been around for too long
The game of life is pre-recorded for the latest view of
The duals, of man and women
Numerous had to tune in
Glued to their a**es, rude
For one rolled in the beautiful lens
Now you in the duvet, made to face the music
It's loud as f** when you're sleeping
With the one that you hate
Get over the highs, open your eyes
Why would you wait?
The notion is rise, go for the pie
Bite the huge cake
But that ain't never been one for lames
Never been one for games, it's life:
The peddles that come from pain


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Bus stop confession, lady with the black mascara
Running down what's got be bothered
Interrupt mine with her problems
What's that? I'm guessing
Maybe it's another act from that performance
An audience will applaud while feeling awkward
Come to the village water
Reflect in a hidden foyer
Smile to a newer horror
We s** to give women order
And whither; a little sawdust never hurt
But it will a lawyer
One day, love ain't gonna be adequate to solve that
Draw back, from experience it is your doormat
All that, would be a hindrance
Leave on the four flat
What's your an-gle on the issue
It'll piss you off black
When your match is b**hing
Itching like a sore scratch
Ignore that, but you're feeling under pressure like
You in a scrum, with a bunch of meat
Eating all blacks
Now I ain't never been one for pain
Never been one for games in life
Never been one for lames
I'm at the bus stop watching this dime cry
Like "f** it man, I can't explain life with a rhyme now"

Two fifteen in the morning not falling asleep
I'm intrigued with the walls and they're talking to me
What you seek is involved, life is deep


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