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I know a bad b**h, she kinda look like Eva
Her man in the league I won't tell her that I need her
She on insta flexing
Dropping straight ether
Met her when I was 15, said aye
Hola Senorita (rita!)
Que linda, que linda (linda, linda!)
Que linda you so bonita
Come here lemme see ya
You don't say nada then I won't either (nunca!)

Sofia, Sofia
My italiana, my latina mamacita
Sofia, Sofia Loren
From 1962, what it do, that's my boo, ooh

Sofia, Sofia
I only need two
Ms. Loren, and Vergara, ooh

No time to do what I don't wanna do
Eat Italian food with my Italian boo
Hit 102 in my Italian coupe
In my Italian shoes I'm so fashionable, ooh

Sofia, Sofia
Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia
Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, Sofia

Do you wanna know, why I'm throwing all this cash out
Cause when I leave the crib, I'm already blacked out
I'm f**ed up (Aye, Aye)
But I could never tap out
Lost Boyz we the sh** they love us when we black out (Black the f** out!)
Man they love us when we black out
Blacked out I'm f**ed up but I could never tap out (Naw!)
Man they love us when black out
Lost Boyz we the sh** the love us when we black out

I've got the juice, and I say that with all honesty (You get me?)
All these p**y n***as just tryna copy me (naw!)
Man this sh** is a mockery
They just wannabes and I'm who they wanna be (naw!)
Honestly, I'm tired of hypocrisy
First b**hes wasn't ever ever calling me
Now they flock when they see
That I'm a hot commodity
They chasing after T like I'm Louis and that Prada, sheesh

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Wake up every morning, find my kush and roll it
Roll over, see my girl, I get straight to boning
I do it every morning
f** her like I own it
Neighbours know my name she always screaming and she moaning
Whoa, yo, bro
You know how it goes
It's always been cash money way way up over hoes
I push it I push it I push it
Push it till I overload
Overdose I'm comatose
Till my money overflow
Then you'll catch me kicking back with models in the Poconos
Tevy do you love me
I might go Pinocchio
I tell her yeah baby
But it ain't my nose that grows
What you think this money for
So I could f** some ugly hoes? (No way!)

It comes in from the Phillipines
Take it out, weigh it out
On a triple beam (Ugh!)
This little scheme of ours used to be a little dream
My libra scales turned us from players to winning team
We became a dream team
Spending racks in DC
Girls see me and wanna freak me
I'm that skinny muthaf**a flirting round with six feet
Six one, Six two, or maybe six three

You see them s**y shoes chilling on my b**h feet
Them Louby Loubs man she got em coz of me
I'm only spending dough, if I know she ain't a hoe
If she f**ing other n***as then I show that hoe the door
If you with the Lost Boyz man you know that's how we roll
We some p**y getting, paper chasing, f**ing animals
Used to stay up late just thinking bout my paper
Need it quick, f** them checks
Tired of them pay stubs
That's just my nature
I'm about my paper
I love the cake, you should call me Mr. Baker
But they call me Mr. Rager
Hold ya girl tight, if she see me I might take her


[Outro: Erika Lawrence]
Yes I went to high school with Tevin
He was always the jokester
I'm not surprised he blew up, no
No, we've never had any relations
One word to describe Tevin?
Tevin is Kanye
T-t-t-t-tevin is Kanye (X5)

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