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She was here last night I might invite her back over
She arched her back like she was Mia Malkova, Kova
Run away from love like Sharapova
Smoke her out till midnight
Then I fuck her till we sober

But we ain't never sober
We ain't never sober
We ain't never sober
T-Snell Or Die but you can call me Casanova

Aw shit, look at who it be
I come up in the spot, everybody look at T
Man these bitches think I'm hot
And these niggas envy me
I be all up in the cut
Man you don't know where I be (nah)
I no longer tweet
Well I just don't tweet a lot
I don't trust these ops they be making my shit hot
I'm the hottest on the block
Man my nigga listen up
I'm so wavy, I'm so wavy like I'm rapping on a yacht


I'm fucked up
I'm on that what the fuck
What the fuck is in my cup
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What the fuck is in my blunt
Man you niggas talking tough
Man you need to shut it up
My niggas wild as fuck
Ain't no thing to knuckle up (Ahhh)
Blackout Tev
I'm that nigga that you never see
Middle of July
But my ice so December-y
If they too wild then I let 'em be
But she bad as fuck from what my niggas been telling me


I cannot save these hoes
No I am no hero
You know me
I only love the zeros
I hit the lick
Then I split it with my migos
Touch a lot of money like my last name was Shapiro
Sleeping on me like I rap in pajamas
Fuck up the game then I fuck up some commas
Aye, Fuck up some commas
Aye, Fuck up some commas
I see bands nigga
All up in my future
I be going dumb, nigga
I be going stupid


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