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[Hook: TSNELLORDIE) She was here last night I might invite her back over She arched her back like she was Mia Malkova, Kova Run away from love like Sharapova Smoke her out till midnight Then I f** her till we sober But we ain't never sober We ain't never sober We ain't never sober T-Snell Or Die but you can call me Casanova [Verse 1: TSNELLORDIE) Aw sh**, look at who it be I come up in the spot, everybody look at T Man these b**hes think I'm hot And these n***as envy me I be all up in the cut Man you don't know where I be (nah) I no longer tweet Well I just don't tweet a lot I don't trust these ops they be making my sh** hot I'm the hottest on the block Man my n***a listen up I'm so wavy, I'm so wavy like I'm rapping on a yacht [Hook] [Verse 2: TSNELLORDIE] I'm f**ed up I'm on that what the f** What the f** is in my cup What the f** is in my blunt Man you n***as talking tough Man you need to shut it up My n***as wild as f** Ain't no thing to knuckle up (Ahhh) Blackout Tev I'm that n***a that you never see Middle of July But my ice so December-y Generally If they too wild then I let 'em be But she bad as f** from what my n***as been telling me [Hook] [Verse 3: TSNELLORDIE] I cannot save these hoes No I am no hero You know me I only love the zeros I hit the lick Then I split it with my migos Touch a lot of money like my last name was Shapiro Sleeping on me like I rap in pajamas f** up the game then I f** up some commas Aye, f** up some commas Aye, f** up some commas I see bands n***a All up in my future I be going dumb, n***a I be going stupid [Hook]

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