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TSNELLORDIE - 12AM in College Park lyrics

I might buy a Hublot, new wrist
New hoe, new bitch
New clothes, new fits
Old hoe, deuces
She so, useless
My new attitude is
New phone, who this?

No shade, I just call it how I see it
Don't wanna get heated
Don't give me a reason
Stupid niggas sounding off, onomatoepia
See ya, see ya, see ya, see ya
Nigga, wouldn't wanna be ya
I'm heating up (mmm), like a pizzeria
Blowing up like Hiroshima
Off of Mia and Sofia
Leaning in the whip, like the tower out in Pisa
Smoking Wiz Khalifa
With your bitch she sipping margarita

Come here lemme teach ya
She ain't lyin (lion), She ain't lyin (lion)
She ain't mean to be a cheetah (cheater)
If I can take her off of you, you don't really need her
Bitches always going where they think the grass is greener!

Xannys got me moving slow like
Galapagos, turtles but I'm moving more like
Theophilus, London, Peckham that's my populace
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I haven't forgotten ya

I be serving college kids, marijuana waiter
I'm a major player, paper chaser
You a major hater
Touching hella bread like the baker
Punani slayer
I be balling nigga
David De Gea

Yeah I know I'm wavy fam
I ain't gotta say it fam
You can see it from my high top
To my Aero Jams
Heavy out in Maryland
Heavy like an elephant
Serve my people for the low (Loh)
Like I am the president

I do not sleep, I just daydream
Hop out the whip so lazy
I be going brazy brazy
These girls be going crazy crazy
Look back at my team
Like we gotta leave
So we dip up out the scene
In the Maserati
They sleeping on me
Like I'm rapping in my dreams
They be loving T
Do not come for me
I'm dropping heat
Like I had Chipotle for a week!

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