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TRUCIFER - "2 TRU 2 Be Good" (Hopsin - Die This Way ) lyrics

[Verse 1: TRUCIFER]
People be like, "Oh snap
Didn't know that you wrote wraps"
I go ham, with a mind so big
You would think that, my skulls cracked
Yeah, my soul's trapped
I'm an a**hole, that's a known fact
Sick in the head, need a prozak
& I'mma snap like a Kodak
The rhymes in my lines are so dope
You would think that I smoke crack
& if you listen to them, you'll start
Twitchin' & then your eye's will roll back
Til all that you hear is white noise
& everything starts to go black
But, you would think that I'm Chinese
By the way that I'm choppin' up those cats
So fast! Don't you think, that my flow's unique
When I'm choppin' it up, like tofu meat?
Most people be like, "Oh you need, to slow your speed"
But when I rap fast, that's slow to me, totally, see
I bag hoes, like groceries, globally, but nobody knows of me
Locally like you're smokin' dope of the lowest of potency's
You ain't on my level, socially, I know you don't agree, nope
But see, I'm floatin' up oversea's, goin' with the flow of the
Ocean breeze, so pristine, or so it seems, but supposedly
I'm just a fraction of the man that I'm supposed to be
So right before I go to sleep, I pray for those who hope that
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I won't succeed cause those are the folks that hope to reach
Those pussies are the type that don't have ovaries!

[Hook: J-Krillz]

[Verse 2: J-Krillz]

[Hook: J-Krillz]

[Bridge: ]

[Verse 3: TRUCIFER]
Like a Jedi Knight, I'm wrapped in a robe
With a galactical flow, it's the Attack of the Clones
See, I happen to know, that insanity grows
So I'm packin' a bowl & mixin' Captain with Coke
To get back in my zone & I'm laughin' at foes
& I'm slappin' the hoes like Anna Nicole
You faggots should know that I'm bad to the bone
Comin' after the throne, with a gat to your dome
& you don't even know but a half of the whole
Hit you like rum in the back of your throat
Why you actin' mad, because I'm crackin' a joke?
I'll hit you on that fact, after I smoke
Stackin' up dough, but I act like I'm broke
& I can't wait for the day til you rappers just croak

[Hook: J-Krillz]

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