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Triple Shot - Missing In Action lyrics

For what its worth it was a pleasure
To see you work
For goodness sake look at the mess
You had to make
Why don't you do something constructive
With all your days
Why don't you channel all your anger
In better ways
But I still hate you

Because youre waiting for something
Thats never coming
So remember that
And in the end its not funny
Because we both lost something
So now who laughs last
But I still hate you

From now I'll be missing your action
Your dignity
Not intact and your satisfaction
Won't come from me
I won't reply Id rather die
Then see you smile
So stoop to an all time low
That's your style
But I still hate you
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And it's all a joke
It's all a game
When push comes to shove
It will stay the same
For me, not you
Right now, right now

Its alright, expose me
You make me, compose me
The way you want

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