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Trinidad James - Def Jam lyrics

Yo, comin' to you live from the Hen
This your South Side boy,
You know, Atlanta boy
James, and I'm checkin' it with my n***as
The best clothes in the game

DJ Tough Blood
And this is the FYM
Exclusive, f**k you mean, n***a?


I be the n***a that always stay real
Being a real n***a got me a deal
They say he go crazy, they say it too real
But being a real n***a got me a deal

I want all these hoes to know
That a real n***a just hit the door
All the Versace and all my clothes
I did not beg for this fame, i was chose
I did acting for all of my flows
(???) the flesh of the song
I was that n***a that boarded the clothes
Now I'm that n***a that's rockin' the shows
You think you know me, but you do not know
I can minus my (???) and turn it to gold
I tell all of my n***as I love them or so
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I can't focus on n***as to show me no love
Cause I came in the game and I showed n***as love
Cause I came in the game and I swiped n***as up
I f**k with security, don't f**k with no chumps
I used to smile in their face but I give them no trust
Yo, Diggy, you real n***a, tell 'em
(Turn this b**ch up!)


Tell all these chill a** n***as
Don't play with me, playa
Cause yo n***as owe me some papers
That mean that they play for me, playa
Might not believe me, but I have no reason
To talk or to hate on you, playa
I am too busy, smokin' on gas
And makin' away from my n***as
My n***as got kids, they momma be trippin'
Momma be paid, give that b**ch what she want
I don't check my account and I know that I save enough
Knowledge, my n***a, my God is so serious
Been to the Caine, are you hearin' me n***a?
Just tryna make it, they playin' you, n***a?
Child support late, they ain't payin' you, n***a?
Shout on the radio, you stay with yo n***a


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