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Treble - Dimensions lyrics


I met this girl downtown, skin brown she may be bouji/
Cause the way that she dress is kind of impressive I don't usually/
Get a girl of this stature, I'll have to catch ya on the weekdays/
Cause when the week ends, I'm usually chillin' that's my weak days/
But back to this girl with the lovely curls and designer/
Walking 'round like its Asia, in other words the finest China, and/
The way that she matches her latest J's could start a fire/
Got me singing the blues, give me a stage, I'll start a choir/ And these stanzas
Smooth as her skin tone with the charm of a dancer/
With curves that can turn a woman to gay, can tell she's a dancer/
She's turning a couple necks towards her way as I'm staring at her/
I'm moving in her direction, my throat as tight as her pants/
I don't know what I'm going to say/ the conceited look on her face is intimidating and basically/ making me think I don't have a chance in the world but hey/ I won't know it unless I try it, I started it off with hey "I think you're-"

"I think I know what you're gonna say/
You'll compliment my appeal like it's written over my face/
You'll tell me about my body, the way that my hips sway/
Then use me like I'm a tool, every n***a treats me this way/
Don't call me s**y n***a, don't call me cute/
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If you call me beautiful then, we may be cool/
If you ain't the one I'm sorry, we ain't the two/
Don't you waste my time and baby, I won't waste you/"

She can k** me off with kindness, I'm blinded/
She acts like she's the coal when you can see that she's a diamond/
She's timeless
I'm just tryna figure where her mind is/
I knew you caught my eye, I came to find it/
But she was like

"Boy you're so different tell me, what's your excuse/"
I told her
I ain't like these other n***as, I know the rules/
Lying on my shoulders I'll still tell you the truth/
Squeeze me 'til you leak me baby, I got the juice/

"I think you sensed it/
I come with some dimensions/
I find that hard to mention/
When people think I'm bad/

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