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Tre Tristan - Rapping as Fast as Possible lyrics

Finna be rapid a bit faster when I'm rapping
Bowing in front of the audience, while the audience clapping
Calling me the Usain of hip-hop music, and I think that'll stick
You could call me Grease cuz all my rhymes slick
Finna rap faster then when the pain comes to the kick of the crotch
Enough of that slowness kick it a notch
I promised I'd be k**ing em
Fly as a falcon millineum
Right is the beat and left is the ba** I'm losing my equilibrium
And I feel a bit of adrenaline get it a ritalin and feeling like gelatin and the wind is deafening and I feel a slight pain in the endocrine
Forgetting it and don't give me the medicine enough adrenaline I need to get some etiquette
Act delicate and legitimate be the subject not the predicate
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Becoming as bitter as kitty litter tweeting the twitter then getting less tripper cuz I'm eating a Snickers
Cuz I'm not me when I'm hungry, instead I'm a beast
Locked in a cage and I need to be released
Then when I eat I gotta halo being hovered
Then I get my candy copped, undercover
Coulda had a better bar but I didn't think I'd be a star if anybody put a stupid rhyme inside their song
Gonna rap till my d**h, I'm stressed, depressed, gotta pain in my chest, and I promise that I'd be rapping as fast as I can until I run out of breath!
I ain't out yet
Never gonna stutter my cover can always be better but what are you doing to my CD structure?, I'm cutting the cover put it in the gutter, then hit it with a 30 inch slugger, my brother
Rapping as fast as possible, my lyrics are comical, hit another note with a drumstick, popsickle, never gonna miss any obsticals, gotta be responsible then go back to hungry when my heart is cold because I'm rapping as fast as possible
When I be rapping I be rapping like a beast
Now let's see what everybody thinks of me
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