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Tre Tristan - They Hate Us lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've taken so much and never fought back at it
So let me make this album so I can take a crack at it
Everybody hates me 'cause I'm such a rap addict
I'ma take the entire game and I'ma back-stab it
Now I'm not one to entice a riot
But if you want to go crazy then you might as well try it
And I know it's not right to run by it
But when was the last time your mic was on fire?
I don't want to sit around and wallow
And then swallow up my pain so I could hide it tomorrow
I want to follow the dollar till my wallet is hollow
When I use up all my money to try and rid all my sorrows
Isn't it a little funny?
How I do it for the art but it's all about the money?
Man, it's all about the Benjamins, I try to be a gentleman
But it's a little hard when your anger is evident

I can build Rome in an hour, I can k** Romans
With flowers, I'm over confident
People want to see me in a hole with a coffin in it
They want to see me in a grave and want to cough in it
They don't even want to see me rest in peace
They don't even want to see me do my best at least
They probably won't even listen to the rest of these
And they probably think I'm cheesier than Chester Cheetah

[Verse 2]
Why do you hate me so bad? Because I'm greatly known as
A person who slaps a lot of hate in notepads?
I'm a guy you can relate to, I need a break too
They hate you, me they masturbate to
I mean, I don't mean to brag
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But one day when I'm big you can see me in the ads
Every day I hate myself a little bit more
I'm a sideshow freak in disguise as a moron
You know what? I really don't care though
I'ma stand above ya'll like as if I was a scarecrow
I'ma be dope like I'm a medical privilege
Who can rock a mic at any given second he wishes
I'm just sick of self loathing, I'ma be myself knowing
That I'd get to be flowing in this booth that I'm zoning in
I'm sick of being someone speaking ill of myself
So let me get to healing myself

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
My Lord, it's such a nice record
All the lyrics and music are breaking in just like a wrecking ball
We've come to bring back madness to the music industry
And see what kind of reactions we can get from ya'll
I've been dissed before, I've been hated on
The people who diss me are the people I prey upon
I promise to the world that I will come back the best
Beating on my chest, screaming out that I'm the greatest
I've been called a disgrace
I hate to be wasting this plate of hate on the mates that misplace my distastes
To new places, new levels
I'm great, don't erase me, embrace me
Replace all your hate with this ba**, man I'm spaced
Raise your tastes, have some faith, show me praise in this place
Just in case I'm inlaced in some new kinds of wastes
Keep my pace, tie my lace, in your face I'm insane
I'm so crazed, man I'm blessed to be this way


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