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Tre Tristan - Tears of a Clown lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm an unfinished recipe
A couple more ingredients and then you'll get the rest of me
And I'll be honest, maximum effort is required
'Cause you can try to get the most, but you'll never get the best of me
Was kind of depressed, but never did regress
I stayed the way I am, and I must admit I am the best
But on most days I'm feeling suicidal
And the same wheel turns over again like a unicycle
Emotions crawling on me like an insect
Battle rapping in the mirror just to keep myself in check
Drizzy was right, us boys are up to something
Must have called shotgun because we're too busy fronting
They said sky's the limit, and I'm halfway there
Because I set my stakes high but they're looking kind of rare
Word to your moms, I'm 99 percent sure
Can't put opinions down my throat but I can shove mine up yours

I hide behind the tears of a clown
Too much stuff to bring me down
But I won't let it get to my head
Instead I'll just wish that I was dead

[Verse 2]
Opinionated, take the world and disintegrate it
I may be late to say it, but my world: I hate it
But on occasion, when I crumple like a raisin
I just write a couple bars and it's like I'm on vacation
I'm too arrogant, I wish I played fair again
If I could be there instead of here I'd be where a cherub is
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Just too obnoxious, just pa** all your AUXes
I'll blast some of my songs and then that's the whole synopsis
I promise this, the total opposite of optimist
So hop on the bandwagon and try to k** my awesomeness
As if it was alive, it's been gone since birth
Must've seen my future and decided I wasn't worth it
And I mean, we're all freaks in the innards
But on the outside we try to look like we're winners
And I don't know why we lie, we're all born sinners
I just don't get why we see the world so much dimmer


[Verse 3]
You hate me don't you? I can see it in your eye
You think I'm obnoxious and you wish that I would die
It's okay to have your own opinion
But mine's the only right one so I don't know why you're fighting
Sarcastic, stupid, putrid, call me what you will
You can tell me to jump and I'll just keep standing still
Unless I slip and fall from twelve floors up
And they find my body on the floor ugly, twisted and tore up
I used to have those thoughts when I was younger
Never really felt the pa**ion, never really felt the hunger
But I'm all grown up now, like the kid show
And Lord knows these kids know my rap game's abysmal
But back then for me, sadness was the norm
And I knew that I would toughen up the day that I was born
That day came years ago, so if you hated me before
Prepare yourself, 'cause that was just the calm before the storm


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