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Traxx - Tell Me lyrics


Tell me you love me
I love you
Tell me you care
Baby I care
Tell me you want me
I want you
And that you'll always be there
Always be there

[Verse 1: J'sar]
You need some loving let me make it hard to walk
In your eyes is my reflection you know that's the mirror to your heart
I see you round the town want to know how it's going down
You heard I'm going global know that's what youe friend told you
Conversation leads to later moving fast but I ain't racing
You hated I spent everyday around the way bent
Vacations had me harder than the pavement
Paradise between your thighs its quite amazing
You always smile when you see me baby show me love
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Fighting temptation like a bum versus golden glove
Rather be knocked out cold then let you go
You was paranoid that I was gone s** you and go
I'm one of the good ones never mind what I did before
More and more intimate with every session getting close
To penetration I'm ‘a make you feel famous
When I'm not around you probably add my songs to your playlist


[Verse 2: J'sar]
I ain't the one to handcuff you be stressing you or hara**ing you
Don't mean to make you mad but I'm attracted to your attitude
Royalty a queen I see a family
We might be the V I P's
America's favorite couple everywhere we go they staring at us
Might as well be celebrities but I don't feel we acting
They trying to start the rumors they don't know we laughing at ‘em
Was a mack I ended that because you give me satisfaction
You got every number ever need to call me dial
When I ain't around I send you plane tickets we c' straight kick it
In every state with me that's without a doubt
I even bring you on the stage and show you off in front the crowd
I trusted you I think you put something in my drink
Love potion got a thug emotional like ecstasy
Feeling like I'm sitting on top of the world
And they just mad ‘cause I'm sitting on top with my girl



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