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Travis Ryan - Chummified lyrics

The sport of k**ing
Hanging by hook and 1,000lb test
Predator vs. predator
To turn these waters red
The sharks go berserk
They circle the boat
We hide with machetes and knives
Ambush and cut their throats

Chopped up. Chunks. Cuts
Frozen in buckets of blood

With my trusty machete
I carve the parts to summon the sharks
Lurking around the jetty
In a frenzy they're circling, their incisors ready
To masticate and to munch
These things you call humans but we call it lunch
They smell it from miles away
I stand at the dock now a butchering block
Smashing. Hacking. Laughing

We carry a payload
Chopped torsos, heads and limbs
Ground into a mulch
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Frozen and chummified

Fresh organs
Left on the dock, reeking, cokked by the sun
So pungent
Vomiting induced an mixed with the chyme
This is blood
Not ashes
No mourning
No love

Sharks go berserk when the blood starts to spurt from
The stern to the bow human chum is thrown out

They never thought this would be the way they'd
Eventually die
Shredded into bite-sized pieces - a human goresicle

Knee-deep in intestines, gray soupy mixture resembling chyme
Sloshing heaps mobilized by waves distributing the piles

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