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Travis Ryan - Applied Human Defragmentation lyrics

Within my quarters where I study the similarities
Between human and animal
These hands have damned this flesh to obscurity and sufferance
I'm going to get the Nobel prize for this
I will always be recognized by this
All of humanity shall know my work

These arms - now her legs, sprout from where his head used to be
Mid-sagittal torso now displaying face grafts I've been making
Unlimited combinations equal infinite enjoyment
New civilzation of retarded bastardized creations

To work the flesh
The hand of god

Implementing new torture
Applied human defragmentation
Taken apart and re-pieced
Defragment complete
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In the name of science
Disturbing life's natural balance
To work the flesh
To rething d**h

Biped defragmentation
The next obvious step in human life preservation
Human d**h - a thing of the past
A defragmented completion - reanimated deletion

Implementing new methods
Revitalize the d**hbed
God is insane
New life with sh** for brains

Eternal life is at hand
Applied human defragmentation
Taken apart and re-pieced back together again
Defragment complete

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