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Trapp Tarell - Timmy Turner Freestyle (The Story Of Timmy Turner) lyrics

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy Turner
He been wishin' for a burner
Kill everybody walking; you know that his soul in the furnace
Timmy, Timmy, Timmy Turner
He been wishing for a burner
Timmy's wish came true
Fucked around and got two

Now he got plans now
Timmy got plans of being a man now
Timmy want his own shit
He don't want to work for niggas or get handouts
He got big dreams of big things; one watch, two chains, and three rings and it's good
But he understood, he gotta get it cause he from the hood
So he live like fuck it

They say it's a million a hand and he gonna touch it
He started from nothin', but that shit ain't nothin'
Got people that love him; they there but they wasn't (They there but they wasn't?)
Let me explain
Timmy was different; He talked to his brain
His brain talk back, two different sides, two different genders with two different names

One was a beast, Cosmo the name
He was the streets, he wanted the fame
He knew the game
He reminded Timmy everyday
Of all of the shit he gotta pay
And momma didn't have a way
He could if he let it spray
So fuck it he did
Ran up in a nigga house for cash
Then he grab the kid, then Wanda kicked in, like: What are you doin'?

Wanda was the other side
Wanda's bad, but she wise
Wanda told him: Get the money, get the owner, kill the owner the kid stay alive
Look at her, she cryin'
Look in her eyes
What if someone killed your sister who was five
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Her daddy said he knows he 'bout to die
So pick her up and let her tell the man bye

Cosmo like: Wait, that's not the play
You gotta kill her, she seen your face
That's not your sister and this not your place
Don't listen to Wanda, that bitch talkin' crazy
Wanda what your ass even doin' here
You gonna fuck around and give the boy 20 years
The same eyes your tellin' him to look in gonna get him booked and thrown up in a cold cell

Timmy like: Yeah he right, I don't care if it ain't right
This ain't her family night
I don't wanna do it, but it's been proven
She the fact between freedom and life
And I need mine, my curfew is ten and its ten to nine
So make up your mind if she live or die; it don't matter to me
But I'm tired of hearin' all this fucking cryin'
So bang headshot, but it wasn't little girl, it was her pops
Wanda said to him: Go
Cosmo like: No
Tim lift the gun, put the gun to her nose
Cosmo said: Blow
Wanda said: No

Timmy put his arm down and walked toward the door
Timmy walked out, Timmy turned around, walked back in the house put one through her throat
And now he lookin' at her
Tim feel bad and he gettin' badder
Wanda got mad and she gettin' madder
Cosmo said: Leave cause it doesn't matter; Look at the bloodsplatter
I mean damn, she dead
Wash that shit down and grab the bread
It's part of the game and this how you play it
Tim jus' scream: Get out of my head, I did what you said, now you gotta go
Tim turned the gun on himself, thinkin' 'bout nobody else
Wanda said: Tim chill we'll get you some help, Cosmo ain't worth your own death
Cosmo said: Boy, you ain't tough within
Tim said; Wanda, he right again, Imma shoot myself when I count to ten
Like One-two-three-four-five... Fuck it, ten

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