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Traplord Stevie - Xchng lyrics

This what happens when I - 'bout you
I get in my feelings, yeah
I start reminiscing, yeah
Next time around, f** I want it to be different, yeah
Waiting on a sign, guess it's time for a different prayer
Lord please save her for me, do this one favor for me
Everywhere she go, they playin' her song
They playin' her song

[Verse 1:]
Do you know that feeling, so far away
It takes some time for me to find the right words to say
And I know you stressed this noon
Then you raise your voice when coming in
Saying things that should've never came away from you
To this place
The moon is so bright
Deep down inside you
Know I f**ing hate it

The playing's dead
I knew we couldn't take it
But there we were
Standing there
Wishing all these things would just disappear
You kept yelling
I kept lying
You got pissed off
Telling me to go find
A-nother one that you'd think make me happy
In reality, most of it was just crap

Im an a**hole
Im a dick head
All these names but you still miss me
You would never text
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And I never called
We a**umed that we moved on
I hit you up one day ( hit you up one day )
Didn't know you went your way
All I ever asked was Exchange

An Exchange
All I ever asked you was for an Exchange
An Exchange
All I ever asked you was for an Exchange

[Verse 2:]
Didn't let you call me again
This time you curled up cryin'
Got your parents in a fight and
Of course I started, replyin'
Except this time, I acknowledged
That I'm A f**ing Lier

Did not see you, took another chick
Who? Thought I was small , I don't know
Really I was sittin' home
Creepin' on your page ( your page )
You know what's said ( yeah, I regret )
What's said
What's said
What's said
Said some sh** I didn't mean
And I'm really sorry
All you did was disagree
Always sippin' that tea
You want a guarentee
And now it's the reality
I've switched up on you
Played games with you
And I'm really f**ing sorry

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