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Tornts - I Do This lyrics

This could be the realest shit i ever wrote
Young demon don't fall walking on that tightrope
I do this for them looking at their face in blades
Sharpened up cos they is paranoid and too blazed
Had anger for the world drank it down with hate
Still do sometimes you know the pain ache
I do this for her black eye and no hope
You can make it out make the call fuckin go
Living 'round the city bruh there's dead souls
Ya had tickets on yourself they never sold
I predicted ya outcome didn't need a poll
Ain't too late to change though come in from the cold
I do this for them evicted and eighty sixed
Cos they can't afford to pay bills and feed kids
I'll be still here even if the light's out
Writing in my little zone no drought

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I do this, for my own sanity and others too, sitting on the dock of the bay spitting the blues
I do this, for those with stress and wrecked minds, fuck trying to die we trying to climb

4 track recorder that's when i learnt to rap
Didn't do it for youtube or fans to clap
Did it for myself cos it was my fuckin art
Now i do it for my people and not the charts
I do this for those with holes in their damn roof
Got the pots and pans out to catch the dew
Got the cans in the cupboard and Salvos food
Got stress in their lives it's an uphill feud
I've seen the past and the future, wise corneas
The domination of computers, and ID forgers
Looking in the mirror saying keep ya shit together
Knowing i've been through worse it'll get better
I do this for those with CRNS and no work
Knowing that they're applications aren't worth dirt
Known trials and tribulations that's word
I'll be hitting these pages til my ashes burn

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