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Torment (IT) - Pathology lyrics

In your senseless world there's a thing that always prevails
Which you spend all your life for,ignoring all that's around you
It's your profit voracity,which you would sell your soul for
Without dignity,with a heart of stone,you think that all is reserved for you

What's the sense of your life
Slave of power,tell me why

In this age of technology
Plunged into the so called new economy
Megalomania drives your personality
You're a victim of an incurable pathology

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In this chaos and inhumanity
You're the winner,this is the reality

(Lead: Fabri)

The unstoppable business machinery is
Using your body and your mind
Only to increase your money,the only way of life for you
To have instead of to be,the philosophy that belongs to majority
Multinational corporations,in line with you
To have is a mania for you

(Lead: Fede)

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