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Torment (IT) - Never See the Light lyrics


I didn't choose to be born,so I have to live here
In this prison made reality
So confused,mind in a storm,time's running fast
A day,a year,the sense of life is just a mystery
I've to defend my ideas and survive at any cost
Keepin'on my alternative way,I'll not deny myself
'til d**h is near or my life will be lost, cause I will just fight everyday

Strongly forced to be a part,a too small part of a system-led,
False society,ruined world...
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Never searchin' for a sense
You'll never see the light

Try to create your small space in this world
Break the chains that force you to the ground
Human dimension,no superior mind
We comprehend only what we see around

Wake up and fight for yourself,find your way
Or you'll never see the light


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