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Torment (IT) - Illusive Tranquillity lyrics

Waiting for your final destination,when you'll die
You think to make something to save your soul
You let religion be your protection so you can fight
Inside of you the fear of void that takes control

Nothing i must do for your illusion of eternity
Everyone has got the right of is own convinction
But the sense of life's events fusion,spiritually
No one will understand, 'til man's extinction

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Eternity is your dream,but you're scared for your sin
Tormented by your remorse,that k**s your vital force
You're not rotten to the core,never follow money and whores
But you've got an illusive tranquillity

Only reality is what you can see
You need to put your soul into eternity
Feel your need to be saved,that makes you enslaved
'cos you've got an illusive tranquillity

Open your eyes

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