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Tommy Lee Sparta - Uncle Demon lyrics

Uncle demon
Nephew demon
Legion it's uncle demon

Any boy put a foot a get shook
Mi no care weh yo come from shook
Somebody head affi go open like book
When mi walk na yo place an shot out yo face
Look in a yo marrow awe shook
God kill mi mi no have no heart
Mi evil than how mi bloodclaat look
A mi first deh corrupt the war part

[Verse 1]

Sparta dig dem up
Dig up every skeleton under the dirt
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Di thugs dem a Granville love pop it off
Naw beg fi no bwoy man wi no fun

Walton rise the thing weh no rust
The one wa a sound like bomb when e buss
Left hole in a bwoy head big like cup
Uncle demon


Mi a di demon wid no reflection
Mi no left my protection
Buss bwoy head wa a leader
Come in an style fi a yes man
Burn dem soul fi the legion
Till it come to perfection
Left the whole place in a sorrow
Ignore people emotions


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