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Tommy Lee Sparta - Spartan Soldier lyrics


The pain I feel you'll never know (hmm)
Emotions that I never show
I'm on a lonely road
But I walked this lonely road before
I'm a Spartan soldier
I was born to conquer
I was raised and trained for war
I'm a Spartan soldier
Till my life is over
Till my heart can't beat no more (no more)

Spartans... what is your profession?

[Verse 1]

Mi bad from mi born, bad weh mi from
Live by di sword, bad with mi gun
Fight fi mi people, fight fi a cause
Mi a talk from mi heart, mi nuh fake mi no fraud
Everybody know Sparta we elite
Nah surrender, back down or accept defeat
Nor retreat, any bwoy waan beat, pussy wait till wi meet
Like a phone number bwoy get delete
Sparta, mad from wi skull to wi feat
Any bower step forward get greet by the bees
When mi gun rise, bullet mi unleash and release
Bite yuh inna yuh face and buss out di knee dem
Dem no waan mi rise, dem no waan mi survive
Dem no waan see mi mek it, dem waan see mi die
Still mi a smile and a live my life
Dem nuh know how mi struggle everyday fi survive
Kids dem hungry, mi have to provide
Who nuh ride with mi a go surely collide
Swallow my blood, before mi swallow my pride
Keep mi head held high up to di sky
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[Verse 2]

Sparta nuh stranger to danger, mi walk in a graveyard
Any bwoy feel dem badda than Braveheart
Try cross mi path see if mi gun dem a tek talk
No mercy have haffi show when di war start
The rumor done spread them put money pon mi head
Seh Sparta go burn and Tommy Lee dead
Dem a talk Tommy Lee never once being scared
Step out with the thing them send them to hell
The truth mi a pree, to the youths mi a reach
Every Gaza, every Gully, every street
From my heart true speech mi a teach
Yet dem a hate mi, still dem a breathe
Mi head held high to the sky
Mama don't cry if yuh son haffi die
Smile, dry those tears from your eyes
Don't worry my music will keep me alive
In time dem fi all realize
Is a hundred miles mi walk when dem a ride
My wife, my friends my child
Sparta wi seh till the day we die



Children, gather round
No retreat, no surrender
Sprartans never retreat
Spartans never surrender
Prepare for glory
Tonight, we dine in hell

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