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Tommy Lee Sparta - Risk lyrics

Some boy wanna stop my food
So me get angrier than an Angry Bird
Like them want me go demon mood
Then me get violent, then me get rude
Let out the gun and let out the rage
Any boy violate end up dead
All some pussy them a talk them afraid
High grade and the only thing bust inna them head

We no take this
We no take talk
We only take risk
Any boy trying to dis, get them head miss
And me will burn out your face with me spliff
Me no fear you no
Me no hide you no
Them fight me no
Them wanna fight me no
Some play my music on the radio
Some badmouth me and the show

(Verse 1)
They know Sparta no play
Me see some boy try to aggravate me
Test my patience, test my rage
Man run into your house, cut out your face
Who can't hear will feel
Tell some boy said this is real
When man step upon the battle field
Gunshot spin their head like wheel

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Any boy rush me, them a get slaughtered
Make their blood run like spring water
All of a sudden every body turn faster
Hypocrite dark like me drink holy water
Them no want me to flow
Them no want my money grow
Them want see me broke
Them want see me poor
Dangers come when friends turn foe
Grim rim lick them fools in two


[Verse 2]
Pull up with me gun, everybody run
Chase them fool down, gun them down
Kill them like dog in the road
Empty my gun in your face and reload
Them no badder than me no day
Them no madder than me no way
All some pussy them a talk, them fear me
We no give a fuck who no rate nor hail me
Sparta kill off your friend
And kill off your family
Burn down your house and adopt your pickney
Bad them no bad, them no bad like we
Mad them no mad them no mad like we
You can put your faith in your God and your bible
Me a put my faith in my bullet and my rifle
One in your head from a mile out of my sniper scope
Bust out your head, feed your soul to my demon goat

What you gonna do when Sparta march out for you


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