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Tommy Lee Sparta - Militancy lyrics

[Verse 1]
Suh mi meck $20 up
Ammo meck the 20
Wi a money maker
Suh you know my link count money plenty

Couple white face in a mi duffle bag
Pon the highway down a Senti
Left you holy if you Omi
That a money Gaad ascend

Oh militancy, no militancy
Oh many will care
How many will snitch for a 100 million dollar yea
100 million dollar yea

Money, money, money, money meck the whole world go around
Money meck a ni**a rise, money meck a ni**a rise
And if you spend a 100 million around a bi**h a bet it a go red her eyes
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Money meck a ni**a rise

[Verse 2]
Time a the master
Weh the threader deh
Chance to let my money in
Bi**h you better s**k my d**k
While a count my money yea

You don’t wanna owed me neither
You don’t wanna turn a snitch
You don’t wanna test my ni**as
Never left the chapper yet
Money ammo make hi deh
Money ammo make hi deh
Buss a clip up in your face
Ni**a deh yah come a way
My ni**as stocking up dinarous
Getting chicks no fretolay

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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