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Tommy Lee Sparta - God's Eye lyrics

[Produced by Guzu Musiq]

[Intro x2]
Father bless my soul
And guide me thru this evil road

God is watching you, hmmm (x3)
Hmmm (x3)

[Verse 1]
Thirteen years old
All on her own
No one to turn to, ain't got no home
I feel the pain, life ain't the same
Cause har whole family gone
And they all died in vain
Hmmm, gunshot buss like thunder
Little girl stares and wonder
Can't understand whats going on
Mommy and daddy they dead and they gone
Look up in the sky tears fall from her eyes
Just another day in the life of the wild
Killers ain't innocent yet dem buss the trial
But one thing mi a tell unno

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[Verse 2]
The earth is round
What goes around come right back around
Even thou dem say me sin
Mi pay mi offering
Nuff sinners hide a church and Jah Jah still nah let them in
Nobody nuh perfect a suh Jah set the ting
Him say cast the first stone and nobody nuh fling
Fire, Fire, him say cast the first stone and nobody nuh fling
Dem nah live by the message
Dem a seh, wah happen to the pastor
Dat touch the pickney dem
Nuff innocent yutes serve life inna pen
But one thing me a tell unno

[Hook x2]

Prayer, prayer
Me pray every day to messiah
Fire, Fire, Fire
Ah me say fire, fire, fire
Blaze it up mek it blaze higher
Higher, higher, higher

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