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Tommy Lee Sparta - Gal Gimme Wine lyrics

Girls dem happenin'
Nails, hairstyle, matching
Thugs out, mad thing
The party is happenin'
Last night mi meet a girl name Roxanne
Mi seen har all over ramping
She was looking at mi like is a plan thing
And a Gaza mi say, mi ain't ramping

Gimme gimme gyal gimme wine
Gimme gimme gimme gyal ina yuh me haffi wine
Even if yuh a freak mi nuh mind
Di whole a dem a pree gyal when a ride out pon mi bike

Boring gyal mi nuh like weh sidung
Gyal haffi round like di base a di drum
Tongue ring red like in bom bon
She know mi cyan tame an mi nah sekkle down

{Verse 1}

A gyal seh she waan gimme every fu*k
Bring mi in a the bathroom an mi neva bruk
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Dan walk in with fatty vex yuh fu*k
Cah di gyal walk out me nuhget mi c**ky suck
Just run out a luck
Back ina di dance every gyal a back it up
Every gyal come an a whisper in a mi ears an seh
Let mi get a picki before yuh cut nuh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Hear mi nuh likklemis Come ina mi house my sexiness
Squeeze up yo breast yo cum constantly
When mi aim fi yuh hole mi no shoot an miss
Every gyal si wi catch dem kicks
Hot fire gyal bend like lastic
Seh how mi deal wi are so drastic
When mi stretch di two foot dem like lastic

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

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