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Tommy Lee Sparta - Demon Girl lyrics

Dem nuh bad, act dem a act
Talk dem a talk, dem a chat
A Tommy Lee me a talk from me heart
Wid bere badness back a dat
Hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm
Man Psycho
Gaza run bout yaaa

Mi nuh known bout dem
But me know bout we
A gaza we run bout ya
Bwoy dem a flip me rachet
Me will push thru chest me
Will shoot one a dem bout yaa
Sparta send some Cyanide
And bout 2 drum a gun powder
Nuff bwoy just lip dem suck pussy mouth
Wi nuh born wid nuh fear round yaa
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Wi nuh born wid nuh fear round yaa

Seh dem ah killa and nuhbody nuh heard a dem
Tuff chat like yuh want man fraid a yuh
Mine me send one a mi demon gyal from
Sparta come suck off yuh cock and murda yuh
Diss me now a nuh if nor suppose
Send me dead fren dem come shoot yuh inna crowd
And don't try run in caa yuh will get ghost


Buss bwoy head a dem gate daily
In front pastor, school pickney
Try don't mek yuh luck guh run out
When di demonz come out fi yuh
Soul when di devil send fi it
Rage a di worse ting yuh will see
Whoa dem set duppy pon me
Buss shot inna head arrogantly

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