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Tommy Lee Sparta - Blood Bath lyrics

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel]
Blood bath nuff blood Jacuzzi like a gangster movie
Based pon a true story we ramp we pow
Ask rorey we gangsters wid the hormones
Bad boy like Sean combs
War fear every people feds a search a buck up dog bones
Baby G wi do yo friends like weh wid Scarface in a di last path
Murder unu rass cloth di war start
Couple benelipeble an di heckle meck it sekkle
Mi point in di Glock 19 through di window people level
Bullet from di parabellum to yo cerebellum poison like a venom from di cobra
When him si di teck him waan fi disappear abracadabra
Circle few more a dem friend dem in a di black tin tin do Honda
Markey change di license number right
Ready fi get away driving like lightening after bullets roll like thunder right
Dem deh naw go live another fucking night
We have guns weh di nozzle big like [?] dust
Bulletproof Benz truck wid us
People life wi stuck wid us

[Chorus: Tommy Lee]
Hmmmmmm shot fly through eyes
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I walk through city
Dark cloud right around you
For you there is no tomorrow

Help me I can sleep at nights
Father help me bring me back to life

[Verse 2: Tommy Lee]
Rest mi gun pon bwoy big head back an press boom
A straight mash potato left
Burn dem skin like insects
Gaza demon wid di X
War bird wi no break progress
Buss head tear bwoy chest
Bwoy head lift off when di pumpy kick off
Oh yea yea yes
I must be leaving me alone
Can't find my self my heart my own
Does who trouble hi trouble hi trouble me trouble me will get blood
Please help me find my own

[Chorus: Tommy Lee]

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