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Tommy G - Tom Ford lyrics

You know we out here
D's back
We 'bout to drop this sh** we been waiting a minute for

[Verse 1: TommyG]
Clap your hands for the kid who's about to get it
TommyG I'm here to gather up the figures
I ain't f**ing with you narc a** broke a** n***as
Finna stack up on this cheddar till I'm bleeding from my fingers
I ain't playing with you n***as I'm just getting to this paper
Bagging up them Oz man I been put in this labor
Banging out Bs you can call me Escobar
And I ain't f**ing with your trees 'less your sh** be up to-par
Cause I'm rolling on that gas
Sipping on this purple
Got a n***a higher than the f**ing jeans on Urkel
I'm a spaz cause I'm freaking on this beat
With my mind set to k** I won't settle for defeat
Catch me striving towards the top [?] is what I achieve
Cause I'm liable to lead this sh**
I'm the one they call king
Murder this
Ain't nobody stopping me
n***as know my team supreme
So they try to jock it
CS we been trill just looking for a chance
Now it's time to blow up watch my crew up and advance
You think we dumb n***a? That was just the standard price
Imma toss the rocket up my n***a Dalton tax 'em right

[Verse 2: D Boii]
My sales coming up
Your b**h going down
And I don't mean to garden when I say she hoes around
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I keep a hard erection for the softest throat around
And like a f**ing dirty carpet got the darkest flow around
I am confident in this f**
I swear my balls is bulging out
Where that trash man truck
These n***as garbage throw 'em out
I'm a shark
You're a trout
You're apartments
I'm a house
We ain't built the same
Build the flames
Bigger than an arson in a drought
Hold up
You know what time
I slump on the cut like a power saw
I gas that b**h
Smash that sh**
Deflate that hoe like a [?] ahhh
I deserve a picture
Tell B won if you know the victor
Raps stay tight
Boa constrictor
Aye keep it real
I ain't never heard of Tom Ford
Cause in my hood we'll probably jack you out of Tom's Ford
Ain't no money ain't no b**hes ain't no time for it
And I'm so advanced that I could probably move this town forward
I spit these lines with no effort
A college professors'
Minds couldn't F with
A beat to beat until they gave me violence domestic
Excuse me please I think that last line was dyslexic
Yeah trick
Yeah trick
No I'm not Kendrick
But you can call me King Trick
I'm finna stay to the white boys

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