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Tom Wilding - How Do You Feel Today? lyrics

The sound of your laugh has a ring of weariness
The night has a thousand eyes
And your smile of heaviness
I've always asked for nothing
But you've found it hard to see
So I gathered all I had
And laid it down before you feet
I gathered all I had

So how do you feel today?
How do you feel today?
Cause tonight I'm closing all the doors
So stay outside or lay down with our flaws
How do you feel today?

We moved faster than fate but it came at a cost
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Now you're tripping over backwards
For the days of youth you lost
I offered you my hands
And I've given you my hope
So let me be your salvation
I refuse to be your rope


I've seen the glory but it wasn't enough
Those songs and bells were just the
Laughter of guns
I knew your stories, I knew it was love
But those songs and bells
Were the laughter of guns


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