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Tom Misch - C.B.F (Cronic Bitch Faze) lyrics

I tried to holler at shorty
But she expressed feeling that she didn't need a man
She put in a place where homeboys just a friend
Every time i see her with that smile on her face
With that style and physique
Man it's far from base
Tha honey with the chocolate skin tone
I'm a young in' scared to ask her to put her number in my phone
I think that I'm far out my league no wait I'm out my zone
Cold hearted Medusa turn my heart into stone
Day dream in' as she walk by
She says my name I stutter trying to reply
Staring at them hips as she turns to say good bye
Sine august I've been eye in' these cutie
She resembles characteristic of an African beauty
I can't speak words I rather express them threw music
Set back and listen to these fusion
Between lyrics and instrumentation aka Music

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Let it breathe
But she miss understood
Like Robin Hood
Giving to the needy
Up at the mission when the homeless need feedin
Church girl with a mean strice
She said I'm her fav rapper
Baby so strong after her
Parents relationship deceased
When she found out her heart was decreased
11 years now she grown up
15 with the mental that she gonna be a better Then ha moms
I sit here and hold her with gentle arms
One wrong motion and her voice is deadly weapon
Cause she figures harm is the only message
The bad relationships
Have done it's toll
I'm crushing hard
But let's see what the future holds

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