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Tom Foolery - Wish Upon A Blunt lyrics


[Hook: Tom Foolery]
Wish upon a blunt
Anything is possible
Yea, Uh huh
Wish upon a blunt
Anything is possible

[Verse: Tom Foolery]
Grew up watching Disney movies like a lotta kids
Bullies talking sh**, now they all hooked on Klonopin
Shooting off my mouth cuz momma said don't touch the rifle
You know she raised me well that's why I'm sounding so delightful
I'm brewing up these coffee cups, going hard as hockey pucks
Jockey for position, competition just some cocky f**s
Haters saying Tommy s**, wanna make the Romney buck
Bearded like Jumanji, Alan Parrish cherish Bonnie Hunt
Little scrawny runt, you should crawl back in your mommy's cunt
Rolled the Holy Grail now let's inhale a hit from Monty's Blunt
Honkey wants promoted, I'm donkey punching FLOTUS
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My modus operandi, Foolery must stay explosive
So show me where the Bull is and I'll pull his f**ing horns off
Puffing on some sticky like the floor up at the p**n shop
Maze made the beat, man it's off the f**ing corn cob
Got some bad habits that I really shoulda swore off
No resolutions I'm ruined because I'm human
If you the new Pac, then your first name must be Su-Chin
I'm movin' to the groovin' pursuin' music and cruisin'
Assumin' that I am useless is stupid I'm undisputed
Man the champ is here!
The champ is here, where's my title belt
Let out Rebel Yells til' I know just how Billy Idol felt
I'm not playing cards but I'm betting on what life has dealt
Dirty when I fight, kick you right below the bible belt
I'm hitting Florida tip, sorta lit an full of sh**
Never could afford the trip, my currency is foolishness
Hooligans no Bruno tho, Own the ring it's sumo flow
Dining room my studio, El Jefe, where did hugo go?
Ain't nobody stopping this, I'm fly as Mary Poppins is
Floppin' lips are dropping spit that's hot as Mephistopheles
Office Superman who's in command of his Metropolis
The opposite of awful, I'm the epitome of awesomeness

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