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Tom Flannery - Always Out of Sight lyrics

My beer pail is filled up to the brim to cool off a miners thirst
And that dusty road that leads down down down
Welcomes a coal man first
Daylight hours don't hold much for me
Was raised beneath a nighttime sky
All I need is the lamp on my head
To look a man in the eye

Bitterness can fill the lungs with dust like in the chambers that we call home
And miners justice will bury the man
Who tries to tag my coal as his own
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Yet when they call us out we'll walk the line
And link arms whatever our names
Cause red on black is a sickening sight
Irish Welsh and Slavs the same

Through a lifetime filled with endless toil my Daddy took care of his own
On that dusty road he went down down down
To that midnight world that he called home
But the diamonds in a rich man's eyes
Blind him to the miner's fate
That dusty hole took his breath away
It put my old man in his grave

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