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Tom Flannery - Angeline lyrics

An empty altar and a front porch swing
Brings her back to where she's been
Light's go out with a final glance
At the empty driveway and his working pants

Oh oh Angeline
She never cry's herself to sleep
Oh oh she has a smile
For everyone that she meets
Oh oh oh Angeline
Oh oh oh Angeline

Sunday whispers she no longer hears
Or the preacher's advice or the young man leers
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On the nights that bring her down
She just irons her wedding gown


The house is sways from the gentlest breeze
And brings her to her battered knees
Oh oh oh Angeline
Oh oh oh Angeline

The years appear like rust on a swing
And settle down on everything
But her photos are so young and bright
Maybe he'll be home tonight


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