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Tom Flannery - A Fighter lyrics

The noise the smells the blood on the floor
Searching without knowing what you're looking for
Some dish it out some take it slow
Cause they ain't got nowhere else to go

Old man in a young man's game
Bottom of the card...still the same
Once got as high as number 3
By taking a dive no one could see
That was sweet
What was sweet
That was sweet

Didn't sleep that night...but blew my purse
Couldn't decide which part was worse
The gamblers the whores the wannabe mob
Or the hands that actually do the job

See...I once k**ed a man all remember when
He went down and never got up again
Dropped his left with every jab he threw
I did just what I was trained to do
Yes I did

My mother said " lost your way"
I said " don't understand
The world made me this way
The world made me this way"

Flowers to the funeral and all that stuff
They didn't blame me but I still called their bluff
Needle in the arm bottle on the nightstand
Tattoo on the same right hand

So whadda you got at the end of the day
With a guy on the ropes that you won't put away
The Arum's and the King's fed up to here
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With a former sure thing who disappeared
He disappeared
Oh he disappeared

I just threw up my dinner in a garbage can
Always before they tape my hands
Head on crooked but my chin on straight
Might go down early but I stay up late

I tried other things but that ain't for me
5 O'clock whistle and the wait and see
"A Man" it says on Sonny's tombstone
I don't want to shrivel up and die alone
No I don't

My daddy said "son....your soul's on fire"
I said " don't understand
The Lord's a liar
The Lord's a liar
The Lord's a liar"

So lay your money your bets
On desperation and regret
Got a whispered promise of a big payday
If I carry this let us pray

Block it all's just him and me
Ignore the taunts and the debris
If this town has a name I forget it still
But you'll hear from me....I know you will
I know you will

Got a boy of my own with questions now
I tell him...."son you won't understand
Until it hits you somehow
Until it hits you somehow
Until it hits you somehow"

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