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Tom Flannery - Centralia lyrics

I come from Centralia
Hear what I say
I was born and raised
And I'll die here someboday
That wind still blows
Through this dirty little town
And that's sure good enough
To keep me hanging 'round

From the darkness of this highway
Looks like the sun fell down
Decided she liked it here
Buried herself in the ground
She watches over me
Just like my daddy before
But she brought a government man
To my back door

He said you gotta leave sir
But we're gonna make it worth your while
We got this government briefcase
With money stacked in a pile
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It's for your own good
This place is gonna burn down
And who wants to live
In a mining ghost town

Well some took the offer
I guess I don't blame 'em much
Money is even hotter
Than burning coal to the touch
But some hunkered down
As these walls closed in
Can't burn me out my friend
From the places I've been

I said I worked this vein
And she knows me good
She promised me a living
Right where I stood
I always treated her right
So she'll do the same to me
She go on back up to Washington
And leave us all be

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