Tokyo Jetz - Supposed To Be In Love lyrics

See we 'posed to be what we should've been
f** everything that we could've been
See my heart cold and you did that, drama old we lived that
It was you, me and three other b**hes
Won't fall again said f** feelings
Gave up a dream for a f** n***a
Damn that make me a f** n***a

Years later ain't sh** changed, well maybe i ain't sh** dang
f**ed up i'm stalking him, back to back i'm calling him
Checked the log who talk to him, should've pulled up and straight off the b**h
n***as cheat and then flip scripts, thinking back like i was weak as sh**
Never put myself in the same spot
Cuz we 'posed to be see he must forgot
Held him down when he ain't have sh**
Drive around when he ain't have bricks

Picked up the slack like i was 'posed to
But you changed up and ion know you
Thinking sh** is sweet and you a real n***a, but a real n***a will be real witchu
I stuck around thinking sh** will change
It ain't your fault, see i'm the one to blame
n***as will do what you let 'em do, but move on and the b**hes threaten you
Like " don't be out here f**ing with these n***as, we 'posed to be in love, baby i was trippin'"
"See that's why i can't get in my feelings"
Cuz you tellin' me that same sh** you tell the other women
b**h you stupid?

f** it now i won't get back, and that sh** i brought lemme get that
See imma petty b**h and i don't give a f** cuz we 'posed to be but you giving up
And no i ain't gon go f** with yo clique
But the next hoe that you love, i bet i make that hoe my b**h

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